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Create a One-Page Zine

Friday, Apr. 3, 2020 – Friday, Apr. 10, 2020

Unleash your creativity by making a one-page zine! Zines are self-published works that are completely creator controlled. In this video by HCCC's very own curatorial fellow, María-Elisa Heg, shows us how with materials that can be found around the house. ⁠

✶✶ Great for kids aged 5+ ✶✶⁠
NOTE: This activity requires the use of scissors, so adult supervision is recommended!⁠

- 1 sheet of paper (a sheet of 8.5x11 printer paper or any size of paper will work)⁠
- Scissors⁠
- Drawing materials such as pencils, pens, markers, and crayons⁠

Extra supplies:⁠
- Old magazines⁠
- Origami paper⁠
- Sequins⁠
- Stickers⁠
- Googly eyes⁠
- Glue⁠


1. Fold a single sheet of paper in half lengthwise, then into quarters, and again until it is folded into eighths.⁠
2. Open up your paper again, and then fold it in half. Cut halfway across the middle from the folded edge.⁠
3. Unfold your paper. There should be a slit in the center of the page. ⁠
4. Fold your paper in half lengthwise, along the crease with the slit.⁠
5. Holding the paper at either end, push the ends towards each other. This will form a booklet. ⁠
6. Crease the folded edge gently to make it nice and flat.⁠
7. Fill it with whatever you want! ⁠

Don't forget to share your finished zine and using #craftwithhccc and tag us at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft. We look forward to sharing our favorites!



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  • Street Parking
  • Accessible parking lot is located directly behind the building off Travis and Rosedale.


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