The Jung Center

The Real and the Ethereal: 9/27

Tuesday, Sep. 27, 2016

05:45 PM – 07:15 PM


Explore the intersection of scientific knowledge and spiritual wisdom in this in-depth, four-part series. First, the class will examine the role of spiritual insights in the quest to unravel the mysteries of existence (Sep 6). To puzzle over the unsolved riddle of the human mind, the class will review the perspectives of neuroscience, physics, and metaphysics (Sep 13). The class will probe into the meaning of space-time and its curious commonalities with the timeless present-moment (Sep 20). Finally, the class will consider the perplexing idea that just as energy cannot be created or destroyed, so human consciousness is never destroyed, but only ‘recycled’ in form (Sep 27).

About the Class

Eva M. Zsigmond, PhD, is associate professor and director of the Transgenic and Stem Cells Core Facility at UTHealth. She received her doctorate in biochemistry from the University of Toronto, followed by faculty appointments at Baylor College of Medicine and currently at UTHealth. The focus of her scientific research is genetic engineering and stem cell biology. Her dedication to research and teaching is paralleled by a keen interest in spiritual practices and exploration of the intersection between science and spirituality.

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