Saturday October 14, 2017

Houston Museum District invites teachers, student teachers, district administrators, home school educators, and college art & humanities instructors to learn about educational resources for the classroom.

Earn up to 4 CPE credits in FREE sessions on cultural programs, field trips, tools, tours, and resources for educators during informative, curriculum-relevant presentations by regional arts organizations.


Earn up to 4 continuing education credits by attending museum presentations. FREE! Check in at your first session and receive a wristband for all-day free admission to presenting museums and get a ticket for door prizes.


At the Children’s Museum:

  9:00 am: Cool Chemistry for Kids, 2nd floor room A
10:00 am: Cool Chemistry for Kids, 2nd floor room A
11:00 am: Earth and Space-Connecting to Space Science, 2nd floor room A
11:00 am: Crafting the Classroom: Integrating Art into Core Subjects, 2nd floor room B
12:00 pm: Military Artifacts, 2nd floor room A
12:00 pm: Educator in Motion, 2nd floor room B

At the Health Museum: 

  9:00 am: Diversity, Access and Inclusion
10:00 am: Know Your Rights
11:00 am: Aviation STEM: History Through Science and Science Through History
12:00 pm: Diversity, Access and Inclusion

At the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston:

   9:00 am: Using Photography to Explore Contemporary India
10:00 am: Hands-on Experiments with Drawings and Movement
11:00 am: Close Looking, Collaborating and Creativity

8:30 am to 11:30 am – Food Truck Court at the Bicycle Museum
5400 Caroline Street – Purchase breakfast foods and coffee to rev up your day.

9:00 am to 12:00 pm – Informational Booths at the Audrey Jones Beck Building Museum of Fine Arts, Houston – 5601 Main Street at Binz – Discover what these museums offer: American Cowboy Museum, Bayou Bend Collection, Houston Arboretum & Nature Center, Lunar and Planetary Institute, The Jung Center, National Museum of Funeral History, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Russian Cultural Center “Our Texas”.

12:45 pm – Door Prizes at The Children’s Museum
1500 Binz Street at La Branch – Win free passes, fun stuff, and educational materials – must be present to win.

Receive 1 Hour of ESL, SPED or G/T Continuing Education Credit for each session you attend.

Cool Chemistry for Kids
Presented by The Children’s Museum Houston – grades 3 to 5
Get your students excited about science with The Children’s Museum Houston. Explore hands-on physical science concepts, create ozone test paper, construct hologram projectors, and get curious about the chemistry of thermos-chromic dyes. Discuss TEKS alignments strategies and collect resources for a truly successful semester. 

Earth and Space Connecting Your Audience to Space Science
Presented by the Lunar and Planetary Institute – all grades
Join the Lunar and Planetary Institute to conduct innovative activities about lunar phases, how to access NASA educational materials, and share space science resources that engage students in STEAM topics. Make vocabulary fun, graph moon phases, and explore their dynamics using golf-balls. 

Crafting the Classroom: Integrating Art into Core Subjects
Presented by Houston Center for Contemporary Craft – all grades

Construct your own hands-on project to help students develop problem solving skills and foster creativity. Address TEKS/STAAR objectives such as mathematical processes, scientific investigations and reasoning, and communicating ideas with original art works and design solutions. 

Military Artifacts
Presented by Buffalo Soldiers National Museum middle to high school grades
Apply TEKS to plan meaningful lessons to analyze artifacts and learn about the contributions of America’s Buffalo Soldiers from the Revolutionary War to now. Receive lessons that include graphic organizers to understand events and apply mapping, music, and vocabulary skills.

 Educator in Motion
Presented by Holocaust Museum Houston – all grades
Find out how to program a free school and community outreach activity with a visiting educator to teach students about the Holocaust, Genocide or an anti-bullying program; Social Cruelty. Examine the past, make connections to the present and use this knowledge to make your school and community a better place.

 Diversity, Access and Inclusion
Presented by The Health Museum – all grades
Take a self-assessment and learn how to achieve greater diversity, inclusion and cultural awareness in your classroom. Use eclectic learning models to improve impact and create viable ecosystems of learning that apply science into real life. 

Know Your Rights
Presented by Holocaust Museum Houston- all grades
Focus on the role of educators as advocates and allies for undocumented students and gain resources and information to work with the Latin community.

Aviation STEM: History Through Science and Science Through History
Presented by Lone Star Flight Museum – all grades

The newly opened museum introduces the foundations of flight and aircraft design to inspire the study of STEM disciplines. Understand Texas aviation history with experiential learning, a virtual reality flight and immersive aviation experiences.

 Using Photography to Explore Contemporary India
Presented by FotoFest International – all grades
Literacy through Photography is an innovative blend of visual literacy, writing and photographic art-making that explores India’s complicated society and emergence as a world economic and cultural power. As the subject of the 2018 Biennial of Photography and New Media Art, the curriculum looks at themes such as color, movement, caste, religion and gender.

Hands-on Experiments with Drawings and Movement
Presented by the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston – all grades
Learn to use contemporary art as a starting point in a drawing workshop that incorporates physical and repetitive full body movements in a thoughtful hands-on experience. Create inter-disciplinary projects that use contemporary art to investigate big ideas. 

Close Looking, Collaborating, and Creativity
Presented by Contemporary Arts Museum Houston – all grades
Through a dialogue-based gallery tour, learn to encourage students to look closely, ask questions, practice visual literacy, and sensitivity to their surroundings. In conversations around process, materials and themes work together to create activities that challenge imagination, foster critical thinking, collaboration, and reflection.


Check in at the site of your first session.

FREE general admission for teachers to our host and presenting museums after your sessions!

Limited space; children, family members and guests may not attend.

Museum admission charges apply to family members and guests.

*NOTE: food and beverages are not permitted in the museums*

For questions contact Juan at or 713.715.1939