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Saturday, May. 23, 2015 – Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016

Explore Yalálag—A Mountain Village in México! One of the original Children’s Museum of Houston exhibits, Yalálag returns with a facelift and a bang to provide you with the opportunity to experience the day-to-day life of people who live in Villa Hidalgo Yalálag—a Zapotec village located in the Sierra Juárez Mountains of Oaxaca, México. You’re invited to an exotic trip south of the border to learn about the cultural attributes that give the people of Yalálag a unique take on life!

Yalálag is an interactive new display set in the backdrop of an Oaxacan mountain village.  The exhibit explores the customs, daily life and heritage of modern day people there. The realistic environments provide authentic opportunities for you to "step into" life in Yalálag and discover a culture that is unique but shares the same social values we do. So, pack your bags and go on a journey “south of the border.” Yalálag closes on Nov. 6, 2016.

About the Exhibition


  • Role-play as shopkeepers, consumers, craftsmen, artists, and children in authentically-recreated buildings iconic of the village of Yalálag.
  • Participate in hands-on celebrations that relate to traditions and holidays in Oaxaca.
  • Experience the importance of craftwork and art in Oaxaca by creating arts and crafts of your own.
  • Watch HD videos of important people, places, and things in Oaxaca.


  • Central Plaza: Explore the market place which is also the city’s center. It leads you to the other buildings of Yalálag. Discover common Oaxaca herbs and foods, plus their fragrances, and try your hand at weaving on a loom.
  • La Miscelánea: This store is filled with soap, sugar cone, beans, tools, toys, just like actual shops in Yalálag. Be the store keeper, learn how sugarcane is harvested and refined and try your hand and exchanging dollars to pesos.
  • La Casa: Discover what homes look like, decorated with the region’s well-known black pottery. Learn how black pottery is made, and what places to visit throughout Mexico and annual festivals. There is also a family owned café attached to the kitchen.
  • El Restaurante: “Make” tortillas and other Oaxacan foods in this family owned and operated restaurant. Then serve them to families and other visitors.
  • Huarachería Aquino: Sandals (huaraches) are still made by hand using a hammer, anvil and other tools. Help run the store and make shoes out of paper die-cut pieces. You can also get a first hand look at the sandal-making process by watching video filmed at the Huaracheria Aquino in Yalálag.
  • Schoolhouse: Through hands-on activities, puzzles, and crafts, explore the natural environment and regions of Oaxaca, the important festivals and traditions in Yalálag, and learn to speak/read the native indigenous language of Zapotec.
  • Municipal Building­: Discover artifacts including dolls, pottery, alebrijes (wooden figurines), and traditional costumes from the Oaxacan region.
  • Church: A replica of a real church in Yalálag, the facade and imagery adds to the authenticity of the exhibit and highlights the importance of religion in Yalalatec life.
  • VW Bus: Take a ride through Yalálag on this real old-time VW bus.
  • Bajaj Mototaxi: Take a drive on a cross between a motorcycle and a golf cart, vehicles that have redefined transportation in Oaxaca.

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    Open Monday during Spring Break, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. Summer: Open Mondays Memorial Day through Labor Day. Closed Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day.  
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